Welcome to PMA 2.0

Welcome to PMA 2.0


Welcome to PMA Magazine’s 2½-year anniversary! Okay, so it’s a strange milestone. But it’s also an important one, because it marks a vital turning point in the evolution of the magazine. The first major change is, obviously, its appearance, which was completely overhauled and modernized to look spiffier but also be more enjoyable to navigate and read. But this is only the beginning.

Throughout the coming year, we will add writers and bring you more frequent and diversified content. One thing that won’t change at PMA is what our mission has been since Day 1, and that’s to produce a publication containing original content you won’t find elsewhere. That means no product reviews.

Truth is, if we did reviews, we’d probably get more traffic and clicks, but we felt, when we established PMA Magazine, that the audio environment was already glutted with sources of reviews, from publications to YouTube channels. If anything, there seems to be more of them now than ever. We wanted to offer something different, to be different. We wanted to create content that would avoid “flavour of the month” disposability and remain relevant for years to come.

We also wanted to build a magazine that was more “communal” and participatory in nature than others, one that invites readers and industry people to be a part of the conversation. Hence, our interviews with those who bring us the products we love and those who use them. One of our goals has always been to bring us all together, under one fun, rewarding, inclusive roof. We think it’s the best way to spread the audio gospel, one that will resonate loud enough, we hope, to bring the uninitiated into the wonderful world of sound reproduction.

In that spirit of community, we want to thank everyone who contributed to helping steer PMA Magazine to its 2½-year anniversary—the writers, the readers, the industry people. We’ve had a blast. The good news is we’ve learned a few things along the way since we took off in December 2020 on little more than faith, and it’s just going to get better. As always, we hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Put on your seat belt, big things, including a monthly PDF version and a bi-annual print version, are coming.

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