TAF2023: Triangle, EverSolo, Perreaux, XLO, Tidal

TAF2023: Triangle, EverSolo, Perreaux, XLO, Tidal


Perreaux’s JP Calvert

Prices listed in CA$.

Something most of us can relate to is how important speaker placement is. When I entered retailer Elite Audio’s room, it was immediately apparent the folks setting up this system knew how to position speakers in a difficult room.

A view inside the Perreaux

The speakers — the chic-looking Triangle Magellan Cello 40th Anniversary Edition in Zebrano-gloss finish ($21,000) — were positioned nearly in the middle of the room, away from the back wall. Powering them was a 200Wpc Perreaux 200iX integrated amplifier ($10,999), equipped with the latest DSD-supporting SABRE Pro 9038 DAC and a MM / MC phono stage, and available in a variety of gloss colour automotive paint finishes. The system also included an EverSolo DMP-A6 Master Edition streamer ($1999), that streamed hi-res music from Tidal, and cabling from XLO’s Darwin series, while room treatment consisted of banners, boxes piled up against the back wall, and sidewall panels. It worked.

As soon as the first song started playing, a deep and open soundstage materialized, extending way past the speakers. Bass tones were balanced, tuneful, with good impact. Centrally focused images, from vocals or instruments, appeared suspended in the middle of the room, between me and the speakers. The sound was utterly holographic, but also well-defined, with solid imaging.

The speakers’ horn-loaded magnesium dome tweeters sounded sweet and extended, adding to the sense of space in which the vocals and instruments were recorded.

This system was a pure delight.

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