The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 96-100

The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 96-100


Episode 96

Tune in this week to hear Jay Jay welcome guest & heavy metal legend Dave Meniketti! Dave is a singer, guitar virtuoso, & founding member of the group Y&T. Twisted Sister and Y&T toured extensively together in the early 80’s – both Twisted and Y&T both have intertwined roots in the history of Heavy Metal as they both found, simultaneously, very receptive fans and press in England in 1982/83. Tune in to this insightful conversation & hear Jay Jay & Dave share memories from their storied careers in metal – only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!

Episode 97

This week is an extra special episode, celebrating the release of the brand new documentary “Have You Got it Yet?” The Story of Syd Barrett And Pink Floyd. Acclaimed director Roddy Bogawa & producer Orian Williams join Jay Jay to discuss the making of the film, in anticipation of its upcoming release. Hear all about how the film came to fruition, & what makes it the proper film to tell Syd Barrett’s legendary & complicated story – & how he changed the worlds or rock n roll and psychedelia forever. Roddy & Orian discuess how they bonded through the making of the documentary, & why this film was a perfect fit for the both of them to direct & produce, given their expertise in the worlds of rock n roll & film – and the influence that Syd Barrett had on them both. Jay Jay gets into the influence that Pink Floyd and Syd have had on him over the years, & why he considers The Piper at The Gates of Dawn to be his all time favorite psychedelic record.

Episode 98

This week, Jay Jay welcomes his dear friend & the original bassist of Twisted Sister – Ken Neill! 1973 was Twisted’s first summer together – marking this summer as its 50th anniversary. Join these 2 to hear all about their years spent together in Twisted Sister as they share many of their favorite stories & most notable memories. To this day, all of the members of Twisted view Ken as the best natural musician to be a part of the band. Ken talks about why he made the decision to leave the band, what he is up to nowadays, & Jay Jay and Ken discuss their summer together in 1973 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Twisted Sister. Don’t miss this conversation, only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!

Episode 99

This week, Jay Jay once again goes beyond the music & welcomes a very special guest, Ashley Loeb Blassingame. Ashley is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-II, a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, and a Certified Arise Interventionist who is the co founder of Lionrock Recovery. In addition to her work with Lionrock, she is also the host of the podcast ‘The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast.’ Ashley has a remarkably resilient story of her own experience dealing with addiction, which led her to where she is today in the fields of counseling & recovery. Hear all about her healing journey getting out of the throes of addiction, & how this led her down the path helping others deal with the same.

Episode 100

This week Bill Low, founder & chief designer of the acclaimed company AudioQuest, joins Jay Jay in conversation! AudioQuest is a company that develops tools for enhancing the in-home experience of audio and video entertainment. Jay Jay & Bill are both Hi-Fi experts, & dig into everything from commentary on the state or the Hi-Fi industry, to advice on home audio set ups, & the human brain’s perception relative to our understanding of audio technology. Tune in to part 1 of their insightful talk surrounding the current state of audio & music, only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!