The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 81-85

The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 81-85


Episode 81

This week we’re running a timely conversation in which Jay Jay rants about voting, prior to the upcoming election. Hear Jay Jay talk about why he believes voting is so important, discuss polarization, & the difference in varying political climates over the years. Stay tuned for more rants, discussions & short stories from Jay Jay in upcoming weeks.

Episode 82

Tune in this week to hear Jay Jay discuss why he firmly believes we all have the right to be opinionated, & how this applies to music and music criticism.

Episode 83

This week, Jay Jay hosts special guest David Libert! David is a legendary music executive, musician & author. Hear David & Jay Jay discuss his tell-all book about the music industry that was recently published – “Rock And Roll Warrior: My Misadventures with Alice Cooper, Prince, George Clinton, Living Colour, The Runaways, and More…”

Episode 84

Heavy metal legend Joe Lynn Turner is this week’s guest on The Jay Jay French Connection! Joe is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer – known both for his solo work & for being in the hard rock bands Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Deep Purple. Tune in to hear Jay Jay & Joe share stories, talk about some of their favorite memories & influences, & catch up after many years. Be sure to check out Joe’s recently released record “Belly of the Beast.”

Episode 85

Today marks the release of Mark Thompson’s book & memoir “Don’t Bump the Record, Kid.” Mark is a legendary radio personality and occasional actor, best known for the nationally syndicated Mark & Brian morning show, which aired on KLOS-FM/95.5 for 25 years. Mark & Jay Jay discuss the importance of going outside of existing formats – whether in radio, music, or any creative endeavor, & why it’s important to disregard people’s reactions/critiques when developing your craft. Hear all about Mark’s unique journey and early years in radio, and share some of his favorite stories from his lifelong career in radio.