• Anthem of Dissent: Jimi Hendrix’s Star-Spangled Statement

    It was the summer of 1969, a time of turmoil and change in America. The Vietnam War was raging, civil rights struggles were at their peak, and the youth were crying out for a revolution. At the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, a little-known farm in Bethel, New York transformed into a microcosm of the…

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  • Santana’s Soulful Sacrifice

    Woodstock, already destined to become a legendary event, was teeming with a sea of humanity that had swelled far beyond anyone’s expectations. An anticipated audience of 50,000 had surged to an estimated 400,000, transforming the quiet town of Bethel, New York, into a sprawling, makeshift metropolis. Hordes of young people from across the nation descended…

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