• “No, I have the best system in the world!” #5: Crafting an Audiophile’s Dream in a Split-Level House

    Be forewarned: If your stomach knots in pain at the very thought of expensive, high-end audio cabling or AC conditioning products, you may want to bypass this article, which contains many references to such items. Ditto, if you’re averse to systems costing comfortably in the six figures, such as the one that is the subject…

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  • Is the CD making a comeback?

    Vinyl LP pressing plants are churning out records at such a clip they’re routinely backed up for six months or more. The once discredited LP has now become one of the few revenue centers for the record business outside of streaming. And now the thunderclap! The format predicted by a tenacious few since the invention…

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  • Did Adele shoot too high?

    Downsizing. It’s not for everyone. While we’ve all been cocooning like hermits and stocking up on toilet paper to wait out the Great Endless Virus(es), our dear friends in The Billionaires Club have been killin’ it like villains. According to Fortune Magazine, while we were being furloughed and our fave bistro went broke, the world’s…

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