• TAF2023: Coherent Loudspeakers, Baetis Audio, Allnic, Saturn Audio, Kuzma, Corby’s Audio

    Prices listed in CA$. If you’re interested in speaker design, chances are you’ve heard the expression: “There’s no replacement for displacement”. Although today’s technology allows for speaker cones to be designed to very tight tolerances, there’s something to be said about the sound of a classic ”vintage” woofer. The sound reproduced by a 15″ diaphragm…

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  • TAF2023: Audio Note UK

    Regular visitors to the Toronto or Montreal Audiofest have come to expect something unique and special at an Audio Note UK exhibit: a live cello performance by the company’s music ambassador, Vincent BĂ©langer, who plays his instrument while accompanied by instrumental music played back by an all-Audio Note system. As usual with one of these…

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