Naim Audio presents the NAIT 50 Limited Edition amplifier

Naim Audio presents the NAIT 50 Limited Edition amplifier


In celebration of the company’s 50th Anniversary and its first amplifier, the NAIT 1.

1973/2023: Naim celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the leading English brand in hi-fi electronics unveils NAIT 50, a remaster of the very first NAIT amplifier released in 1983. Made in Salisbury, UK, the NAIT 50 is limited to only 1,973 pieces.


The NAIT 50 is born from the legacy of NAIT 1, released in 1983. With technically improved circuits thanks to the enriched, unique know-how gathered over the years by Naim’s engineers, NAIT 50 offers exceptional amplification performance in its price category. It reproduces the most exacting dynamics with all the confidence and authority we have come to expect from a Naim integrated amplifier. Linking with all types of loudspeaker, it can also be combined with a streamer to make the ultimate hi-fi system. New features on this anniversary edition include a headphone output, making it an ever more versatile and convenient product, dedicated to sound and to the listener, too.


Handcrafted in Naim’s workshops, NAIT 50 boasts uncompromising design quality. Alongside its performance, it also presents a smart, sophisticated aesthetic with its aluminum construction providing the legendary chrome-bumper look. Its front panel combines tradition and modernity, with a nod to the iconic design codes of NAIT 1. NAIT 50 will be available in a limited edition of only 1,973 pieces, in tribute to the 50th anniversary and the year the brand was created by Julian Vereker.

The price for the limited-edition NAIT 50 is $3,599 USD ($4,599 CAD) and will be available July 2023. For more information please visit:

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Available October 2023

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