TAF2023: Audio Note UK, Eversolo, Triangle, Kimber Kable

TAF2023: Audio Note UK, Eversolo, Triangle, Kimber Kable


Triangle Duetto speakers, at far left.

Prices listed are in CA$.

This compact setup in one of Motet’s several rooms at the show surprised me. I didn’t expect it to sound this good.

Fronting it was an Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition streamer ($2000) feeding FLAC files into a class-A, single-ended Audio Note M2 preamp ($9000) and a class-A, directly heated triode Audio Note Vindicator amplifier ($7000). The latter powered a pair of 2-way Triangle Duetto standmounts ($9000/pair, add $1500 for the matching S08 stands), while all cabling was by Kimber Kable. While not cheap pricewise, this system made music that sounded in a higher league of sound reproduction than the system’s price range might suggest, such were its nuanced, organic presentation, see-into-the-recording focus, tactile textures, locked-in central image, and vivid tonal purity. And this was from regular 44/16 resolution files. There simply was no glary, brittle character to the sound that accompanies lesser digital reproduction, especially of the streaming kind. Instead, this Motet system drew me into the music, making me want to pay attention, and isn’t that what the best audio is supposed to do? Mission accomplished.

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