TAF2023: Innuos, Fonica, CEN.grand, Analysis Plus

TAF2023: Innuos, Fonica, CEN.grand, Analysis Plus


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I’m just old enough to be able to say that when I was young, I listened to music on cassettes and vinyl. Today, I enjoy the modern technology that companies like Innuos bring to music streaming and storage solutions. Innuos, in particular, makes what I consider to be products that are reasonably-priced considering how good they sound. When paired to a quality DAC, integrated amplifier, and panel speaker — as the Innuos Phoenix Net network switch ($5,700) and Innuos Statement music server / streamer ($25,000) were here — they make music that doesn’t simply exist, it comes alive!

The Innuos Statement offers streaming capability up to 32bit/768khz PCM and DSD512, comes with an app control, rips CDs, and can be supplied with an optional Next-Gen external power supply upgrade ($7500).

In this demo, the Innuos Statement was paired to the new CEN.grand DSDAC 1.0 Deluxe model DAC ($6500). Speakers were a pair of elegantly slim Fonica Flag L planar magnetic speakers ($13,000), being powered by a 350Wpc Perreaux 300iX integrated amp ($14,000), with Analysis Plus cabling handling AC power and signal flow.

The system projected a musical image as high as the ceiling. The Flag L panels being dipole in character, they sounded open and articulate, while delivering a good sense of presence and a solid center image. Middle and high frequencies sounded natural, while bass delivered snap, punch, and and rhythmic momentum. Performances seemed to emanate from inside the room.

While I respect past music formats, my listening experience in this room reaffirmed my appreciation for the advancements made in hi-fi reproduction.

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