TAF2023: Gold Note, Elipson, Tri-Art, Lumin, Synergistic Research, Audio Note

TAF2023: Gold Note, Elipson, Tri-Art, Lumin, Synergistic Research, Audio Note


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Every time I’ve visited Altitudo Audio’s room at a show, I’ve always been met with a variety of hi-fi options I can listen to. This time was no different.

Altitudo Audio ‘s Leonid Yamborko was presenting his bookshelf Elipson Legacy 3210 speakers ($6500/pair), perched on Tri-Art’s new 22″-high P-Series stands in their distressed black finish ($770/pair). The first model in the Elipson Legacy speaker range, the Legacy 3210 is equipped with a 16.5cm diameter bass/midrange driver and a wide dispersion AMT tweeter.

A matching P-Series rack was housing several items: a Gold Note DS-1000 EVO streaming DAC ($8500) with dual-mono AK4493 converters and a discrete class-A output stage, a Lumin U2 Mini music server ($3500), a Gold Note class-A P-1000 Mkll preamp ($12,000) plugged into a PSU-1250 power supply ($9000), a Gold Note Tube 1012 output stage ($9500), and a Gold Note 200Wpc PA-1175 Mkll Power Amp ($11,500). Also being used but tucked away on the floor was a Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF ($4600). Cables used belonged to Audio Note’s Isis Series.

The sound of this big system was equally big! The Song “Hope” by Amercan rapper NF delivered solid, authoritative bass that easily filled the room. The speakers projected a deep soundstage, palpable texture, vivid presence, and tight imaging. Vocals, moving precisely across the soundstage, were intimate and gripping. Instrumental sounds from other tracks were articulate and detailed without sounding etched or hard.

In true Altitudo Audio — and Leonid — fashion, this room presented many hi-fi products and it delivered the goods. What I experienced in that room was a level of sound quality that seemed to make all those hi-fi products disappear and allow just me and the music to exist.

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