TAF2023: Børresen, Axxess, Ansuz, Qobuz

TAF2023: Børresen, Axxess, Ansuz, Qobuz


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Exhibiting in Canada for the first time at the Toronto Audiofest, importer / distributor Audio Group Denmark showcased the new slim, 2.5-way Børresen Acoustics X2 tower speakers ($8800/pair), which uses the same designed-in-house tweeter membrane as the higher-priced offerings in Børresen’s speaker line.

Feeding the Børresen speakers were a 100Wpc Axxess Forté 1 streaming integrated amplifier / DAC ($5500) and an Ansuz PowerSwitch X-TC 3 digital switch ($2600), both of which employ Tesla coil technology to deliver ultra-low noise in the signal path. Rounding out the system were an Ansuz Mainz8 power distributor ($1800) and Ansuz cabling ($various).

The sound of this system in one word? Blissful. On Qobuz-streamed material, I heard powerful, textured, deep, authoritative bass. There was no subwoofer in the room, but some guests wondered out loud if Audio Group Denmark’s North American sales representative, Peter Hansen, had hidden one. The sound was articulate, nuanced, and poised even in the busiest musical passages. Transients were fast and sharp, but always refined.

On the several genres of music I heard, from trance to vocal, blues to rock, this system was a pure joy to experience.

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