TAF2023: ArtistCloner

TAF2023: ArtistCloner


ArtistCloner’s Sylvio Comtois

Prices listed in CA$.

ArtistCloner is a jack-of-all-trades hi-fi manufacturer. This relatively new brand builds something at all levels of a playback chain, from a source and power cables to speakers and cable risers.

ArtistCloner was presenting the world launch of its mini Ether 2.5 loudspeaker ($8,999/pair), which stood next to the original, still-in-production Ether 2.5 model ($21,999/pair). Both models’ cabinets come in a solid, slate stone finish that eliminates cabinet resonances and, to these eyes, looks stunning in person. The minis were paired to the company’s dual mono Luceo tube preamp ($6,999), which employs no negative feedback, and a pair of 45W Coleo monoblocs ($8,000 each). The rest of the system included RWGV3 speaker cables ($975/ 6′), a dedicated music server currently in pre-production, a Pterosaurs power distributor ($2,800), and cable risers ($150 each) — all made by ArtistCloner at its Quebec facility.

The result? Deep, well-defined, robust bass. Delicate, intimate, breathy highs. The midrange sounded clear, open, pure, and holographic — the soundstage was huge and spacious, and everywhere, filling every part of the room with sound imbued with texture and color, while the music itself had good rhythm and a naturally sweet disposition that made it so inviting to listen to.

It was a splendid, rock-solid musical performance, pun intended.

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